1. 2nd St.

From the recording American Girl

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The break is right and I can see Catalina
The nets are tight and I got change for the meter
Sunday, Southbay skies are blue, Oh yeah
Small town, slow down, me and you, Oh yeah
Ooh, Ooh, It’s all that I need
Ooh, Ohh, Got nowhere to be
Ooh, Ooh, Nothing stands in our way
Ooh, Ooh, Let’s go out and play
Cuz I feel so lucky today
It don’t matter what you wear down here
Just roll out and meet me south of the pier
Hollywood never could shine so bright, Oh yeah
And with a clear sky I can see the sign just fine, Oh yeah
In paradise
Wish we could hide it
Let no one find it
But I think we’ll be alright
Cuz nobody wants to drive down the 405