1. 405

From the recording American Girl

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Here I go again I got myself stuck on this freeway
It’s always stealing my time from my hands
50,000 worlds that come together all in one small place
Sittin’ here in this traffic jam
All I got are all my silly little thoughts on this freeway
To keep me company when I’m crammed in my car
I Guess I’ll try to get myself into the fast lane
But I know that I won’t get that far
It seems like life’s a lot like the 405 freeway
Can’t control what lies up ahead
Life’s a lot like the 405 freeway
Never know what you’ll get
Bunch a different cars together all stuck on one freeway
Some are fast and new and others slow and old
Doesn’t matter what they cost because they’ll all break down someday
Travelin’on this crowded road
Everybody’s movin' forward, movin’ in one direction
People cut you off, sometimes they let you in
Some will make it to their final destination
Some won’t even begin