From the recording What Are You Waiting For

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I am not an airbrushed girl
I’m a human
Living in a crazy world of perfection
You tell me to look thin
To have the perfect skin
I need to look exactly like a model to fit in
Try as hard as you like
Go ‘head and catch me if you can
Try with all of your might
I’m gonna slip right through your hands
Try to put me in a box
You’ll see how fast I am
I will run
I won’t be caught
So catch me if you can
Take it from a magazine how to wear less
See it on the T.V. screen how to show flesh
It gets you what you want
When you flirt and flaunt
Leave nothing to imagination
Girl, keep rockin’ on
What a bunch of empty promises you offer to me
You’ve said too much
I’ve had enough of all your stupid theories