1. Last Kiss

From the recording American Girl

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I feel you wake up this morning
You shake the bed
I do my usual thing, cover my head
One eye barely open, I watch you shave
And then you get your coffee to start your day
You come to me before you leave with love in your eyes
You do your usual thing, you say goodbye
And you kiss me softly, touch me gently
Whisper in my ear, I love you
If I would’ve known it was the last kiss
I swear I would’ve held on forever
Oh, why did it have to be the last kiss
God, bring him back to me
Look I’m begging, begging please
I know about the promise death do us part
But we’re not ninety-nine, why are you gone
And what about the things we planned so far ahead
What about the hopes and dreams we never shared
Wish I kissed you softly, touched you gently
Whispered in your ear, I love you
How did your life pass before my eyes
How can I live and go on
Didn’t mean to take you for granted
Baby, wake me up and tell me you’re not gone