1. Mist

From the recording American Girl

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Fell on me like a sledge hammer
Harder than I’ve ever been hit
Recognizing I wasn’t gonna live forever
Reality slowly sank in
I’ve always got my eyes on the future
Oh the time I’ve been wasting
Making all my great big plans
Never living in the moment
I can be here today, gone tomorrow
I’m nothing but a mist anyway
I gotta live today, forget tomorrow
It’s nothing but a wish anyway
It’s not too late to steal the day
It’s not too late, I got today
Today I’m gonna run until I reach the far horizon
Jump right off into the deep end
Take a trip to that unknown destination
Stick all my toes in the sand
For once I’m finally gonna leave my work
Long before the sun sets in
Stay in bed all day long
Find the time to make amends
Ooh, Aah, Ooh, Aah
I’m trying to live and love every moment that I got
I’ll take the good with the bad
I’ll drink every single drop
I don’t wanna take anything for granted in this crazy life I live
Cuz all I got is today