1. Rat Race

From the recording Last Call to Higher Ground

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I look to the left
I look to the right
Always watching what everybody’s doing
And I won’t let em outta my sight
And there’s no way
I’d ever walk away
Cuz all the people around me gonna go far
Gonna get ahead in the game
But I...
I wanna leave the rat race
I wanna join the human race
I wanna care about other things
Than just what’s gonna get me first place
I wanna to leave the rat race
Need to join the human race
I wanna find some time to unwind
Slow down my heart rate
I see how it ends
And where it all begins
Both sides of the candle are burning up fast
And I won’t get my wishes all in
It’s the same old song
Keeps playing on
If a little is good more has to better
And enough is never enough