1. Remember When

From the recording What Are You Waiting For

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Worry is the hunter and it’s got you in its scope
Calmly watching you and waiting for your weaknesses to show
Its finger on the trigger with baited breath and so much hope
Ready for the kill to take its prey out with its final blow
Remember when it all went wrong but then I made it right
Remember when you cried for help and I was there to fight
You’re not alone you’ll never have to do this on your own
Remember what I did when walls came crashing in
Remember when
Your memory it fails you
Disappeared without a trace
Did I not just save you
Perfectly on time and never late
I know it’s hard to stay strong
When the wind is in your face
But when you’re trying to hang on
Don’t forget that I will make a way
I know it’s not easy
To let go completely, oh
But every time you trust
The more you will believe me, oh