1. Supernatural

From the recording What Are You Waiting For

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There you go with your big bad self 
You’re the flyest one around
Everybody wants to be just like you
No, you never miss a step
You got the darkest shades in town
All the cool just seems to flow right from you
You’re supernatural, yeah
Flying high and gliding fast and breaking through the walls
You’re supernatural, yeah
Speed of light, you’re shining bright, the greatest one of all
People watch your every move
Shake that rock star strut
Everybody loves your 1000-watt smile
There’s nothing you could do
To ever break your groove
Your type of smooth won’t ever go out of style
You spread your magic dust
You put your spell on us
You say the words to make us swoon
We’re fully mesmerized
Some of us hypnotized
We can’t resist the charm you use