1. Venom

From the recording Last Call to Higher Ground

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I brushed off the dusty journal from the past
Was time to face my greatest work of shame
Like embers from a fire it spread so fast
Boiling blood just coursing through my veins
I read words that had burned and blazed a hole in me
Words that had owned and took control of me
Poisoned words with venom in their eyes
And I was more cruel to myself than my worst enemy
Hurt nothing else but my serenity
Hurt so bad but I believed in lies
I was haunted deeply by the liar
Who taught me how to buy into the pain
But I choose today to put out the fire
To pour the blackened ashes down the drain
Now I’m free
Oh so free
My eyes are open wide and I can see
Now I’m free
Oh so free
From every whispering voice that haunted me